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The MCMASTER INSTITUTE for Sustainable Development in Commerce is a educational research and development institution co-founded by and Johnny Tong as a Hong Kong Police Registered Society in the year 2000.

The MCMASTER INSTITUTE carries forward the historical work of the McMaster family over the years to contribute to civil society and balance the activities of Society, Environment and Economyfor world benefit.

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The LOGO SEAL of the MCMASTER INSTITUTE includes the hand of Gaia 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol, drawn by Johnny Tongwith Society, Environment and Economy depicted on the 3 fingers in Traditional Chinese characters.
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ese characters.

In the outer ring, at the beginning and end of the names in Chinese and English are small ""Dragon Claws"" signifying the 5 talons of a Dragonpreneur - the core principles of Communication, Relationships, Management (of Time, Health and Money) and the final two, Creativity and Innovation and Self-Leadership.
The MCMASTER INSTITUTEis named in memory of John McMaster and the McMaster lineage of responsible and respected sea captains, lawyer politicians, community elders, society developers and activists who emigrated from Scotland to Canada over the last 2 centuries.

The uncommon ""McMaster"" name is known in Canada as original founders of The Canadian Clubof Montreal, McMaster University*, a Laurentian Bird Sanctuary and Cool to be Canadian Corp. a federally chartered non-profit organization created in the 1990s by Philip McMaster. *(PLEASE NOTE: although there is a historical family relationship as the founding funders of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, THERE IS NO CONNECTION, RELATION or AFFILIATION between the HONG KONG ""McMaster Institute"" and the HAMILTON ONTARIO ""McMaster University"")

HONG KONG McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce.

Philip McMaster is the former Honourary Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Chinese University Of Hong Kong and MBA Lecturer in Marketing, Personal Development, Business Development and Entrepreneurship at CUHK, Mr. McMaster was also Entrepreneur-in-residence at CyberPort-based Multimedia Entrepreneurial Research,Education and CreativeLaboratory (MERECL) of Polytechnic University.

Invited by Mainland Chinese academics from climate change conferences, Philip McMaster began lecturing at Mainland universities, touring China and working with theChinese Academy of Sciences Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (CAS-RCEES) in Beijing in 2008.



Philip McMaster



Photo: Co-Founding educators Philip McMaster (as SustainaClaus) and former director Johnny Tong in 2016 guiding children through educational processes and experiential technologies which encourage the development of Sustainable Behaviours and ISR (Individual Social Responsibility)



McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in CommerceISR (Individual Social Responsibility) for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)Entrepreneur-in-residence at MERECLA new key digital entertainment laboratory in Hong Kong, MERECL will develop creative intellectual properties for commercialization.It will also offer specialist training in digital creative skills ranging from motion capture to screen-writing, provide pre-incubation and graduate training facilities to set new digital, design and creative ventures, as well as digital media services to businesses.The operation of MERECL will focus on ""transmedia"" ventures and the MERECL will produce creative property that could be launched simultaneously as a movie, a game, a book and other forms.
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Though yet in this he was not altogether a fool, that he refused the appellation of wise, and returning it back to the oracle, delivered his opinion that a wise man should abstain from meddling with public business; unless perhaps he should have rather admonished us to beware of wisdom if we intended to be reckoned among the number of men, there being nothing but his wisdom that first accused and afterwards sentenced him to the drinking of his poisoned cup.
For while, as you find him in Aristophanes, philosophizing about clouds and ideas, measuring how far a flea could leap, and admiring that so small a creature as a fly should make so great a buzz, he meddled not with anything that concerned common life. But his master being in danger of his head, his scholar Plato is at hand, to wit that famous patron, that being disturbed with the noise of the people, could not go through half his first sentence.
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