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How to Achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
MCMASTER.INSTITUTEThe MCMASTER INSTITUTE is different, independent and free of corporate control.

We are among a very few global research teams in China, exploring the much-needed field of ""Social Enterprise"", 3rd Sector Blockchain research and development and non-financial SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEMS and pursuit of a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability
The institute is affiliated with leading organizations in the BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATIONAL space including the

Asia Blockchain Foundation (CHINA) - Decentralized Autonomous Coalition Asia (CHINA) - Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (UK) - Beijing Blockchain Foundation (CHINA)

Hong Kong Address:

Quick Links: (co-founder of the institute) - (U.N. Sustainable Development Goals) -(mid-Weekly International Day of Sustainable Change)

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But counsel, you'll say, is not of least concern in matters of war. In a general I grant it; but this thing of war is not part of philosophy, but managed by parasites, panders, thieves, cutthroats, plowmen, sots, spendthrifts, and such other dregs of mankind, not philosophers; who how unapt they are even for common converse, let Socrates, whom the oracle of Apollo, though not so wisely, judged "the wisest of all men living," be witness; who stepping up to speak somewhat, I know not what, in public was forced to come down again well laughed at for his pains.
Though yet in this he was not altogether a fool, that he refused the appellation of wise, and returning it back to the oracle, delivered his opinion that a wise man should abstain from meddling with public business; unless perhaps he should have rather admonished us to beware of wisdom if we intended to be reckoned among the number of men, there being nothing but his wisdom that first accused and afterwards sentenced him to the drinking of his poisoned cup.
For while, as you find him in Aristophanes, philosophizing about clouds and ideas, measuring how far a flea could leap, and admiring that so small a creature as a fly should make so great a buzz, he meddled not with anything that concerned common life. But his master being in danger of his head, his scholar Plato is at hand, to wit that famous patron, that being disturbed with the noise of the people, could not go through half his first sentence.
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